Headset parts V2-3.5mm
Cheeta Headset parts V2-3.5mm
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Shenzhen Cheeta Technology Co., Ltd., established at 2008, specialized in researching and manufacturing telephones, hearing aids for the elderly, call center headset, noise cancellation headset, bluetooth headset, kid headset and game headset. CHEETA focuses on innovation and provides customers with technology-leading headset solutions. Just like the headphones provided by CHEETA, what you hear is clear sound, what you see elegant lines, and also the enthusiasm of the R&D team. We strive to develop headphones that are more usable, reliable and efficient , so that customers can benefit from it and protect their hearing more effectively.
Cheeta Headset parts V2-3.5mm
Shenzhen Cheeta Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional Headset Parts manufacturer in China . Provide wholesale and OEM of Headset Parts.