Strange calls killer CT-C802
Cheeta Strange calls killer CT-C802
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  • Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name:Cheeta
  • Model Number:CT-C802
  • Name:Cheap Wholesale Rob Calls Landline Phone Call Blocker
  • Material:Brand New ABS
  • Size:10.5*4*5 cm
  • Package:Color Gift Box
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Application:Office, Home, Hotel, Telecom
  • Functions:Block all nuisance calls
  • Service:OEM Accepted
  • Type:Call Blocker, Call Blocker
Product Description

Warranty:1 Year

Large storage capacity: block all unwanted calls, cold calls, telemarketing calls, political calls, up to 4000 sets numbers.
Block unknown numbers: This box adopts high-tech technology, and it will analyze the calls before signal pass to phone. Block all no ID calls.
Pre-programe blacklist numbers quickly: creat blacklist numbers easily and quickly. To operate blocker with an easy manual .
Quick and easy operation:Say goodbye to cheater, don't worry elder will be cheated.

1.How to create a blacklist? There are three ways:
(1)Press"L/R"to check those incoming calls, press the red button"BLOCK"for the unwanted numbers and"SAVE-SUCCEED"will show on the screen.
(2)When answering phone calls, press"*"on your phone until"SAVE-SUCCEED"on the screen of the blocker.
(3)Pick up the phone handset, press"** + phone numbers + #"Until"SAVE-SUCCEED"shows.

2.How to remove numbers from blacklist?
Press"BLOCK"button on blocker, and then press"L/R"to check the blacklist. Press"DELETE"twice quickly until"SAVE-SUCCEED"shows.

3. How to delete all Incoming Calls?
Press"L/R"to check unwanted numbers, Press"DELETE"twice quickly to delete a number, but press"DELETE"for 3 seconds to remove all incoming calls after"DONE"shows on the screen.

4.How to Block NO CID Calls?
Press"NO CID/BACK", use"L/R"to choose"ON/OFF", press"NO CID/BACK"to save. all calls with NO CID will be rejected directly.

5.The device does not display the name of the caller.

Package include:
1x Connect cord
1x call blocker
1x installation guide
1x Warranty card
1 x English user manual

Highly recommend it to anyone who hates telemarketing,especially for those who retired, want to return to a leisure life.

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cheeta Strange calls killer CT-C802

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cheeta Strange calls killer CT-C802

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cheeta Strange calls killer CT-C802